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Live Online is a very cost-effective way to provide high quality trauma continuing education and we offer substantial volume discounts to organizations. To calculate your costs, simply enter the number of learners you would like to train and the amount (if any!) you expect individual learners to contribute. Then, click "Calculate" to see what your cost would be. Try out various scenarios. Importantly, these prices are all-inclusive; there are NO other charges involved.

Live Online Pricing1
Number of Learners Price per Learner Totals (USD)
1 335.00
2 - 25 300.00
26 - 50 295.00
51 - 75 290.00
76 - 100 285.00
101 - 125 280.00
126 - 150 275.00
151 + 270.00
Total Learner Contribution
Amount Due
Your Price per Learner

1) All Prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD).
2) This is the amount you ask individual learners to contribute to the cost of the course. This number can vary between zero (0) and the entire price per learner.