Trauma Care Doesn't Stop at the ED Doors,

Why Should Trauma Education?


Trauma Care
After Resuscitation


Pediatric Care
After Resuscitation

Education Across the Trauma Continuum

TCAR and PCAR provide training specific to the scope of practice of nurses caring for patients in Emergency, Periop, Critical Care, Acute Care, and Rehab settings.

Trauma Trained and Trauma Ready

Resuscitation-based courses focus on prehospital and ED patient care. But what about the next three hours, three days, or three weeks?

The TCAR and PCAR courses were specifically designed to address the learning needs of nurses who care for trauma patients in the inpatient phase of care.

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If it's been four or more years since your last TCAR or PCAR course, it's time to re-verify.

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