Trauma care doesn't stop at the ED doors.
Why should trauma education?

Now you can provide
Standardized Trauma Fundamentals Courses
for your nurses across the trauma spectrum!

Trauma Program Managers
Have you seen us in the ACS Orange Book?
[ Chapter 17, pg. 135 ]

TCAR Education Programs courses are recognized by the ACS for acute care, critical care, and perioperative nursing education.



No one should die from uncontrolled bleeding. Life-threatening hemorrhage can occur anywhere: at home, on the roadways, in the workplace, during recreation, and in public spaces. Wounds occur from natural, human-made, or intentional causes. An injured person can bleed to death in as little as 5 minutes, often before professional help arrives. It's up to individuals to act immediately to save themselves and others.

Trauma nurses know bleeding. This BLEEDING STOPS HERE! kit is inspired by the faculty at TCAR Education Programs, the same experts who have trained more than 30,000 nurses working in trauma centers across the U.S. We strongly support the White House and Department of Homeland Security's nationwide Stop the Bleed campaign. This kit complies with and exceeds the standards set forth by the Hartford Consensus.

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We Are Looking For Full Time Instructors

TCAR Education Programs–a rapidly expanding, independent, nurse-owned educational organization–is looking for top-notch faculty members who are masters or doctorally prepared trauma clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, educators, or program managers. A TCAR Education Programs (TEP) faculty position is a fun and challenging way to share your wealth of knowledge and experience with bedside trauma nurses to promote optimal inpatient care.

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