Frequently Asked Questions

Program Description

  • Who is TCAR Education Programs?
  • How do TCAR and PCAR differ from other standardized trauma nursing courses?
  • Who is the TCAR/PCAR target audience?
  • How do Trauma Centers or Trauma Systems use TCAR and PCAR courses?
  • Are the TCAR/PCAR courses just for designated Level 1 Trauma Centers?
  • Does the American College of Surgeons recognize TCAR Education Programs classes?


  • What's the difference between the TCAR and PCAR courses?
  • Is the TCAR course appropriate for pediatric nurses?
  • Should I take both TCAR and PCAR if I care for adults and children?

Course Content

  • Are TCAR and PCAR advanced trauma nursing courses?
  • Are TCAR/PCAR critical care classes?
  • Who teaches the TCAR/PCAR classes?
  • What content is covered in a TCAR/PCAR course?
  • What inpatient-oriented topics are included in the TCAR/PCAR courses?

Information for Students

  • How do I get a brochure for the class I'll be attending?
  • Why do you need my email address in order for me to register?
  • When do I need to pay for the class?
  • Why do some TCAR/PCAR classes cost more than others?
  • Can I sign up on site on the first day of class?
  • The class I want to attend is sold out. Do you have a waiting list?
  • Some of the classes on the TCAR web calendar are "closed". What does that mean?
  • On the TCAR web calendar, the class I want to take says, "more information coming soon." When will registration be opened?
  • Can I sign up for just 1 day of class?
  • How do I get a receipt for the class?
  • I paid by credit or debit card. How will the charge appear on my bank statement?
  • I signed up to take a class. How do I cancel my registration?
  • How do I switch my current registration to another class?
  • Do I need to buy a TCAR/PCAR book?
  • Do I need to study for a written test or skills test?
  • Where do I find directions to the class site?
  • Is food provided at the class?
  • What do I need to bring to class?
  • When will I receive my CE certificate?
  • I'm traveling to the class from out of town. Is there a recommended or discounted hotel?

TCRN® Exam Preparation

  • Is TCAR a suitable TCRN certification preparation course?

Program Details

  • Are TCAR/PCAR verification courses?
  • Do TCAR/PCAR classes involve participant testing?
  • Do TCAR or PCAR "expire?"
  • Do participants receive a continuing education certificate?
  • Do participants need to study in preparation for the courses?
  • Is there a TCAR/PCAR book?
  • Can learners attend TCAR/PCAR for just one day?
  • How often are the TCAR/PCAR courses updated?

Hosting a Class

  • What do I need to do to bring a TCAR/PCAR course to my facility?
  • How much advance notice is required to schedule a TCAR/PCAR class?
  • Can I hold a TCAR/PCAR class on a weekend?
  • I've booked class dates. When will registration be opened?
  • Do I need to reserve breakout session rooms?
  • Is there a minimum class attendance?
  • What if my small or remote facility cannot generate 25 attendees?
  • Is there a maximum class size?
  • I need to get many of my own nurses into a TCAR/PCAR class. Can I limit the number of general registrants?
  • Can we video record, audio record, or webcast a TCAR/PCAR course?
  • I've booked a course and need to reschedule the class dates. Is that a problem?
  • What is TCAR Education Programs' policy for cancelling a course?
  • Where can I find room space for a class?
  • Where can I find funding for a class?

Course Costs

  • Where can I find funding for a class?
  • What is included in the cost of a TCAR/PCAR class?
  • What is NOT included in the cost of a TCAR/PCAR class?
  • What if I need to pass room or food costs on to participants?
  • Why not just charge a fixed per person cost like other trauma courses?
  • How do I use the TCAR Education Program's Class Planning Calculator?
  • Should I charge employees of my own organization to attend a class?
  • If I'm hosting a course, when do I need to pay for it?

Become Faculty

  • How can I become a TCAR Education Programs faculty member?
  • If I become a TCAR/PCAR instructor, can I teach at my own organization?