Participant Responses

Chicago, IL January 2018

Very well done. I appreciated the focus on understanding the pathophysiology of trauma as foundational for nursing care of trauma patients. Monitoring, assessing, and treating our trauma patients will directly come from understanding these concepts.

Batavia, NY March 2018

This course was amazing from start to finish. The content was well presented and thorough. The presenter was highly engaging and clearly an expert in the pediatric trauma field.

Cincinnati OH March 2018

Amazing class. Taught me a lot of information I did not know a lot on. Definitely will help me to be a better nurse to my patients. Teacher was great! Would take this class again.

Neptune, NJ March 2018

BEST professional education class I have attended, by far! Well organized, useful information and excellent presentation.

Lakewood, CO May 2018

The program was fantastic!! I love the content and the instructor knew how to tie all of the information together.

Tampa, FL April 2018

Wonderful program. I think every nurse that works in trauma should take this class. The teacher was amazing and made learning fun and interactive.

London, UK May 2018

The speaker was brilliant and kept the energy up single handedly for two days. The course content was highly relevant to my work, the resources were of a high standard and I found the whole learning experience incredibly beneficial - I learned so much!

Cleveland, OH May 2018

This course has helped my confidence level when interacting with other team members when it comes to trauma patients. I feel my knowledge level has increased allowing me to now 'confidently' state an observation/opinion/plan of action. Thank you!